Frieze Masters 2021

Spotlight Section - Booth G15


October 13 — October 17, 2021


The Regent’s Park, London, UK

Galleria Tommaso Calabro is pleased to announce its first participation to Frieze Masters at Regent’s Park, London, in the Spotlight section (Booth G15) with a selec- tion of works from Milanese artist Remo Bianco (1922-1988).

Restless creator of ever-changing cycles of works, Remo Bianco experimented with the most diverse art forms, attracting the interest of some leading gallerists, artists, and critics of his time, including Carlo Cardazzo, Lucio Fontana, and Pierre Restany. His practice showed independent affinities with that of artists including Yves Klein, Piero Manzoni and the Nouveau Réalistes, in the use of gold, found objects, appropriations and the practice of performance. Yet, Bianco's continuous need to experiment with different styles, constant need for independence and multifaceted artistic path often left him on the margins and did not ensure him with long-term appreciation. With the support of the Remo Bianco Foundation, Milan, our booth in the Spotlight section at Frieze Masters presents the first monographic display of Bianco’s oeuvre outside Italy, following the artist’s last exhibition at the Paris Galerie Lara Vincy in 1987.

Our participation in Frieze Masters – Spotlight aims at promoting the rediscovery of Remo Bianco through a selection of works from two of his most significant series: the Sacchettini-Testimonianze(Little Bags-Testimonies), panels or canvases hung with plastic bags filled with everyday objects, and the Tableaux dorés(Gilded paint- ings), paintings in one or two colours overlapped with a grid of gold leaf tesserae.


Selected artworks

Remo Bianco

Tableau doré, 1965

Remo Bianco

Impronta d’oro, 1972

Remo Bianco

Testimonianze, 1957

Remo Bianco

Testimonianze, 1964

Remo Bianco

Senza titolo, 1965-1970

Remo Bianco

Tableau doré – Untitled, 1959

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