Leonor Fini. Italian Fury

As dreamed by Francesco Vezzoli

Milano  Corso Italia 47

April 02 — June 25, 2022

“Italian fury, scandalous elegance, caprice and passion".

Max Ernst

Max Ernst defined her as an “Italian fury” of “scandalous elegance, caprice and passion." The Argentine-Italian Leonor Fini (1907-1996) was indeed a femme fatale of undeniable charm and turbulent temperament. She was a hardly classifiable artist because of the unicity of her vision and her independence from the main artistic trends of the twentieth century. She was the center of her own life, surrounded by a myriad of satellites gravitating around her: numerous friends and many amis amoreuses, as she used to call her lovers.

 The exhibition Leonor Fini. Italian Fury offers a reading of Fini’s oeuvre in the light of some of these relationships, presenting over forty of her works in dialogue with pieces by artists who played a pivotal role in her life and career: the Surrealist painter and former consul Stanislao Lepri (1905-1996) – one of Fini’s long-lasting partners – her lover and then friend Max Ernst (1891-1976), his wife Dorothea Tanning (1910-2012), and the friends Fabrizio Clerici (1913-1993) and Giorgio de Chirico (1888-1978).

 Years after executing the works An Embroidered Triology (1999) and Enjoy the New Fragrance (Leonor Fini for Greed), the artist Francesco Vezzoli returns once again to think about the persona and the life of Leonor Fini with five new works executed for the occasion. These will be presented in a spectacular exhibition design, conceived by Filippo Bisagni, where elements of Lepri’s painting La Chambre de Leonor (1969) will come alive guiding the visitors into the discovery of Fini’s realm.


Selected artworks

Leonor Fini

Girl with Shells, 1947

Leonor Fini

Homme avec femme assise, 1930-1935

Leonor Fini

Ornamenti di Natale, 1929

Leonor Fini

Portrait de Alida Valli II, 1948

Leonor Fini

Le Retour des absents, 1965

Leonor Fini

Présence sans issue, 1966

Stanislao Lepri

La Chambre de Leonor, 1967

Fabrizio Clerici

Gli orti lunari, 1967

Giorgio de Chirico

Autoritratto con testa di Mercurio, 1923

Francesco Vezzoli

Italian Fury (Portrait of Leonor Fini with Dancing Tears), 2022

Francesco Vezzoli

Kebell (Myrna Loy in a Schiaparelli design holding up the Shocking scent bottle), 2022

Francesco Vezzoli

Meliflua (Mae West wearing a Schiaparelli hat), 2022

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