Five Years

Milano  Corso Italia 47

October 03 — November 25, 2023

To you who observe,
To you who dream,
To you who believe.

For this exhibition, which celebrates the first five years of our gallery, I want to talk directly to you, dear lovers of art. I'm writing to you from the most private place in this wonderful space, the small terrace adjacent to my studio, which many of you have had the pleasure of getting to know.

With this latest project in San Sepolcro, we are bringing a significant chapter of our history to a close. When I opened, in 2018, I was a young man, and I wanted to share with you my visions and projects. From the outset, you have embraced me and shown me love, helping me to bring my dreams to life in these rooms. You have been by my side every step of the way, accompanying me on an imaginary journey through the twentieth century – one that I hope has been a source of enrichment for your lives, too. I have tried to help you become acquainted with important – and sometimes forgotten – figures such as Carlo Cardazzo and Alexander Iolas, who played a crucial role in my development. I have tried to bring to light artists such as Leonor Fini, Stanislao Lepri and Fabrizio Clerici, who had been at least partially consigned to history and, over recent years, buried under a layer of dust that they did not deserve. I have endeavored to involve you in new interpretations of Italian artists such as Tancredi, Aricò, De Luigi and Consagra, whom the history of art has often sold short. Together, we have also looked beyond the twentieth century in Italy, with Cy Twombly, Jean Dubuffet, Victor Brauner, Niki de Saint Phalle, Jean Tinguely, René Magritte, Max Ernst, Harold Stevenson, Copley, Matta, Takis and Tiger Tateishi.

Today, I want to gift you one final journey peopled by all of the artists who have been with us so far. Observe and dream – the artists whose works are on show here have been doing precisely that for their entire lives. Our duty is to live and not to forget.

Tommaso Calabro 


Selected artworks

René Magritte

L'explication, 1952

Stanislao Lepri

Untitled, 1974

Francesco Vezzoli

Italian Fury (Portrait of Leonor Fini with Dancing Tears), 2022

Raymond Hains

Soto, 1966

William N. Copley

Baby Bonnet, 1971

Roberto Sebastian Matta

Qui se prend pour un autre, 1956

Leonor Fini

Testa di donna, 1952

Fabrizio Clerici

Senza titolo

Rodolfo Aricò, 1969-1970

Anomalia N. 3

Lucio Fontana

Concetto Spaziale, 1962

Max Ernst

Monument aux oiseaux, 1927

Yves Klein

Monocrome blue sans titre, 1959

Alekos Fassianos

Devant le balcon (Les Amis), 1972

Giorgio de Chirico

Homère, 1925

Tiger Tateishi

Tiger autoportrait, 1975

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