Guardare negli occhi un coniglio

Aldo Sergio

Milano  Corso Italia 47

June 27 — September 14, 2024

Opening: June 27, 2024

“How had all the presence summed to disappearance?"

Jonathan Safran Foer

Guardare negli occhi un coniglio (Looking Into The Eyes Of A Rabbit) is the first solo exhibition by Aldo Sergio (Salerno, 1982) at Tommaso Calabro in Milan, Corso Italia 47, on view from June 27 to September 14, 2024.

The show presents two new series of works by the artist, titled Ode to Zero and At Last, started in 2020 and natural evolutions of an artistic research spanning over a decade, characterized by precise, slow, and meditative painting.

 Ode To Zero is a series depicting wooden tables delicately hidden by immaculate tablecloths, soft and solemn, with delicate reflections. For Sergio, tablecloths are objects of great complexity: the technical virtuosity required to create their details, from folds to lace, is second only to their metaphorical significance. Their mere presence is enough to compel the viewer to ponder everything that is absent and to imagine the infinite possibilities of moments that could unfold on those same white surfaces.

If, in Ode to Zero, Sergio engages in a process of subtraction to reveal a painting of great complexity, such a subtraction reaches its peak in the At Last series.
In this body of work, everyday objects and moments, partly tied to the artist's memories and partly retrieved from images taken from the web, are reproduced on the canvas by desaturating their colors and flattening their contrasts, bringing them as close to white as possible.

Attracted by the phenomenon of optography, which is the process of recovering the last image recorded by the eye before death, At Last thus becomes a reflection on the end: Sergio reproduces on the canvas the object before it slips away from his memory, or before it is lost again among the pages of the web, enveloped in a warm, all-encompassing light, as the view of a person seems to be at their last moment of activity.

A vivid and elusive image, difficult to capture, just as it is difficult to look straight into the eyes of a rabbit.


Selected artworks

Aldo Sergio

Ode to Zero - Feast Detail

Aldo Sergio

Ode to Zero #1

Aldo Sergio

Ode to Zero #2

Aldo Sergio

Impression of Two Pigeons Walking

Aldo Sergio

Impression of a Chandelier

Aldo Sergio

Impression of a Young Fawn

Aldo Sergio

Impression of a Lamp with Two Cherubs

Aldo Sergio

Impression of an Empty Cup

Aldo Sergio

Impression of a Flame #1

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